About us

The motivation to help others in this way came directly through Amma, a world renowned humanitarian saint. Although raised as the daughter of humble fisherfolk, Amma has become a major force working towards peace and the upliftment of all humanity. Moved by the suffering she saw in India and abroad, she founded many humanitarian and charitable organizations throughout the world - work for which she has received numerous awards and honors such as the United Nations Gandhi-King Award for Peace and Non-Violence. She is well-known and well-loved for her unique form of blessing: the hug.

The Amma Shop began in 1987, as a way to support Amma’s first tour in the U.S. and Europe. It has always been run by volunteers, and still is. Through the appreciation of shoppers like you, it’s expanded to support Amma’s charities around the world. It provides inspirational books, music, and many other unique and unusual gifts, all suggestions from our customers over the years. That’s why we say, “Together, we are this shop.”

Our Home Base

Good Energy, More Happiness

Although our main stores are based in the United States, most of our items are made in India. In fact, if you ever visit Amritapuri, Amma’s spiritual center in southern India, you will see white frocked monks, nuns, and visitors, running about boxing up magazines or patiently seated handcrafting soaps, incense and other Indian specialties. Actually, many of the books and magazines and other products are packaged directly in the center of the main temple, in the midst of sacred ceremonies and chants, ensuring that what you buy is full of blessings and, we hope, a certain amount of magic.

Also, since all our products are connected with Amma, in their own way, everything we have carries her unique and special energy. In fact, we like to think that everything we sell is blessed. You may not feel it and you may not believe it, but we think you’ll experience this little bit of magic one day.

Our volunteers come in all shapes & ages - monks, nuns, married couples, singles and kids!

Our Ethic

Love, Serve and Work for Worldwide Happiness

They say that “what goes around comes around” - what they call karma - and if this is true, we like to think both you and we will all benefit from running The Amma Shop. We only say this because everything we sell goes to support humanitarian activities around the world. And since it is all run by volunteers who really work for no pay, that means even more of your money goes towards doing good.

Many other humanitarian organizations employ directors, salespeople and an entire sales force, but since we are completely volunteer-based, that leaves even more money to serve the world. So think about it, every time you buy with us, you are helping us to help others. This means we are absolutely grateful for your support. Really.

We’d like to thank you, and we hope that you stick with us.

Lots of love,

The Amma Shop staff.