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Photos Photos & Decals

Surround yourself with reminders of Amma with our beautiful collection of photography. Photos include special occasions, sacred ceremonies, as well as snapshots of Amma from all over the world.
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Meditation Incense

Our specially handcrafted incense is hand-made in Amritapuri, India and each is filled with delicately scented herbs and flowers specifically picked to nurture and inspire the body and spirit. Light our incense and offer them as a fragrant prayer to the divine.
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Meditation Accessories

Amma continuously tells us that meditation is as precious as gold and that a single moment spent in meditation is never wasted. Find the perfect seat to practice your meditation on in our collection.
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Worship Dieties,Yantras & Holy Powders

These special, beautifully wrought brassware items are used to make offerings in the sacred ritual of puja, an ancient ceremony which brings blessings and honors the divine. For a more detailed description of pujas and how to perform them, please see the book “Puja” and its accompanying tape. Here you can also find a variety of yantras, beautiful geometric symbols of the divine, sacred vibhuti, kumkum and sandalwood powders, camphor, and many other items to deepen your spiritual practice through worship.
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Biography Biography

This is a moving and inspiring account of the unique life of Amma, one of the great spiritual leaders of modern times.Throughout the world Amma is known as a humanitarian and spiritual leader. Revered in India as a healer and sage, she spends most of her waking hours embracing strangers, offering them unconditional love. In this unique biography, one of her closest disciples tells this guru's remarkable story, from how she discovered her divine calling to how her personal journey evolved into an international mission promoting spiritual awareness and providing solace to millions. A powerful and moving introduction to Amma for those who don't know her and a deepening experience for those who do.
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