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Bhajanamritam Devotional Music Lyrics App (Android Only)

Bhajanamritam Devotional Music Lyrics right at your finger tips. Find the lyrics to your favorite bhajans instantly from a collection of over 1500 Amma bhajans. With this easy-to-use app you can download the lyrics of any Amma bhajan from the Bhajanamritam series, Volumes I to VII as well as Bhajan Supplements 2012-2015.

This app is currently only available for devices running Android OS.  

Download and try free version from:

Instructions to purchase and set up the Bhajanamritam app:

  1. Add the app to your Shopping Cart.
  2. In the ordering form, enter the gmail id used in the Android device on which you wish to use the Bhajanamritham app. You can also choose to include this information in the comments section of the ordering form.
  3. Download and install the Bhajanamritam App (if not installed) from:
  4. Wait for license activation email.
  5. Once license is activated, connect your device to the internet to start accessing the complete set of bhajans in the Bhajanamritam app.

For queries/support for the app, contact: