Brass Puja Sets, Statues, Accessories

Brass Puja Tray

These beautiful brass plates are used for performing sacred offerings as well as bathing the deity during puja. All of the items that are used to bathe the deity, such as milk, honey, and rosewater, are collected in this plate and are later served as a consecrated food. It is said that it is best in puja to use plates specifically reserved for the Deities rather than using ones which have been previously used so as not to risk offending the gods. Brass plate. 6 inches in diameter.Puja is a form of worship which is performed to purify the mind, to express devotion, and to connect with the sacred energies of the gods and goddesses themselves. For those who are interested in learning more about this ancient ritual, we offer the Puja Book and the Puja Tape which explain and illustrate how to perform this beautiful form of worship.

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