Amma's Embrace Attar

After many years in development, and in his total loving dedication to Amma, Master Natural Perfumer Roddajun Singtoh Dogon of Byron Bay Australia has now handcrafted this uniquely authentic and enchanting Attar, “Amma’s Embrace”. With all the perfuming precision and expertise, he has tried with the utmost care to truly encapsulate a pure sweet sacred fragrance of our Divine Mother's Loving Embrace. He was totally inspired by many people’s wonderful stories over several decades, from those who are blessed by being Embraced by Amma’s Love. Through all this inspiration, is now a Perfume reminiscent of Amma’s Euphoric Embracing Hugs.

One of the most exciting things about Amma’s Embrace Attar is, after long exploration and research, being able to source several of this Attar’s exquisite rare ingredients from a few South Indian province locations, which are in close vicinity to Amma’s place of birth.

The Attar's scent on first opening and applying has a sweet fresh, deep earthy tone, like the scent after a rainstorm on tropical forest flowers. As the Attar’s aroma deepens on the skin, many uplifting fragrant bursts of precious white temple floral notes will be fusing and lingering in fascinating ways. As the Attar completes it's dry down, heavenly enchanting arrays of delicate luscious, powdery, woody, and sweet musky amber fragrances will all manifest, reminiscent of being in Amma’s most Divine Mystical & Holy Loving Presence.

During these Attar's natural alchemical aroma curing processes, every bottle may have a slight variation of fragrance. A very striking thing about this Attar is the most beautiful Emerald Green hue of the oil that is completely naturally forming. Universal Love and the Heart Chakra and aspects of pure nature, peace, and harmony are often represented by the spectrums of this amazing green color. A perfect Perfume Attar oil, great for Sacred and Spiritual Puja Anointing ceremonies dedicated to Amma’s Divine Love and Grace.

Amma’s Attars - Puja Anointing Perfume Oil products are all individually handmade with Amma’s Divine Grace. All the Attars are created using top secret formula ingredients sourced from all over the world, these being some of the purest rare, precious highest grade 100% natural botanical flower/ blossom absolutes on the planet. They are then alchemically infused with supreme essential oils of wood/bark, resin, and spice, producing these very exclusive limited edition Attar fragrances, encased in a lavish golden bottle.

Amma’s Attars - Perfume fragrances are all made totally gender neutral. As all of Amma’s Attar products contain only the finest pure natural botanical ingredients, we can then expect to experience great benefits for our mind, body, spirit, health, and well-being.

What is an Attar? Attars are complex highly concentrated 100% Natural Perfume Oil Fragrances made since ancient times, originally from the Indian and Middle Eastern continents. They consist of premium absolutes and essential oils and are always free of alcohol and synthetic chemicals found in commercial fragrances. Attars are known as very luxurious high-end perfumes, they often come in beautifully decorative tiny little bottles, and are usually more expensive than mass produced perfumes due to the highest quality ingredients.

How to use an Amma’s Attar? First, gently dab on the clean dry skin away from the eyes, do not rub oiled skin together as it bruises the Attar’s fragrance. Let the oil rest on the skin so the fragrance takes hold, this helps with the aromas process to its intended scent. For the best complete aromatic experience of Amma’s Attars, apply the Attar oil to the skin creating three horizontal lines gently in a row. Very similar to Shiva’s Devotees applying their Tripundra on the skin, this helps to get all the aspects of the natural Attars fragrance.
Care - Safety & Storage. Please do not use if Pregnant or Lactating.  Test on the skin first - if a sensitivity concern. Always keep the Attar bottles out of direct sunlight and away from heat, and store them in a cool dark area. To avoid staining clothing or furnishings, best to wait for the oil to completely dry on the skin. All Attar Ingredients are totally Alcohol, Chemically & Cruelty Free - Vegan & Environmentally Friendly.
If stored correctly, an Attars Perfume Oil fragrance can last many years and often become much deeper and more potent over time.

Size - 6ml - contents encased in a Golden metal bottle with an internal glass vessel & fragrance applicator.
A Special Message from the Perfumer.
It has been the greatest honor of my life, and the divinest blessing to serve Amma by creating all these Natural Attar Perfumes for the Amma global charities. My deepest love and gratitude to Amma, and everyone involved that so kindly has given me their most wonderful loving encouragement and support in the creation processes of Amma’s Attars, a truly sacred gift of love. I would like to specially thank with all my heart, the beautiful Amma devotees & friends from all around the world, for the most incredibly positive feedback on the Attar Perfume fragrance products over the years, that have been created in Amma’s Divine & Holy Name.
Thank you with all of my most profound love and appreciation, Roddajun Singtoh