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Rudraksha Mala 54 Beads on Silver Wire


   This high-quality Rudraksha mala consists of 54 Rudraksha beads joined with silver wire. Although malas are made with many sorts of materials, Rudrakshas, in particular, have many powerful properties. Famous for focusing and calming the system, they have long been used as an aid to meditation and healing in the East. In China they were long used to improve the flow of life energy or chi; in Japan they were used by Zen monks to aid in meditation, and in India they adorn many a yogi and are said to be beloved of many deities, especially Lord Shiva. Rudrakshas are said to have many health benefits, but they also greatly facilitate concentration, making them a natural choice as prayer beads. All told they are a unique and powerful spiritual tool. For those interested in the benefits of the Rudraksha, you may wish to explore our selection of large single beads which have many powerful and useful properties.

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