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Tunable Size 9-inch Ganjira - Headed Tambourine

The ambiance and energy that can be created with this Tunable 9-Inch Ganjira - Headed Tambourine with its single row of  jingle pairs is hard to match. Used for centuries as a folk instrument for bhajans, the ganjira, or kanjira, is a wonderfully versatile music item. When played with proper technique, the tunable ganjira can produce a variety of pleasing drum tones and percussion sounds. These features make this headed tambourine a powerful instrument, which can even be used to lead bhajans without any other accompaniment.

Perfect in any bhajan setting, the portability of this tunable tambourine lends itself to being a standard go-to instrument for traveling, playing outdoors, or for impromptu music. Especially popular during festive bhajan sessions for its charming, upbeat and joyful sound. The ganjira can often be heard being played in the Kalari Temple in Amritapuri. Constructed of durable plastics with metal jingles and tuning pegs around the rim, and featuring a synthetic, tunable skin covering that allows for tuning and striking the center of the tambourine.

Depending on the size of your hand, 9-inch or 10-inch diameter ganjiras - headed tambourines are generally recommended for men, and 8-inch or 9-inch diameter for women.

Origin : India

To learn how to play the ganjira, visit Amrita Virtual Academy’s Ganjira: Level 1 - The Headed Tambourine online course taught by Br. Vipin: