41" Hand-Painted Chakra Rainbow Wall Hanging

The seven chakras, or energy centers, of the body, are vibrantly depicted in this beautifully hand-painted, handcrafted wall hanging in a dazzling array of rainbow chakra colors. Each wall hanging blends seven solid-color, silk prasad sari panels with delicately hand-painted sacred symbols of the corresponding chakras from the spine’s main energy centers. (Red/root chakra, orange/sacral, yellow/solar plexus, green/heart, blue/throat, indigo/“third eye” and violet/crown—the entire visible spectrum of color!) Each chakra represents a vibration of light, color, sound, and energy. This seven-energy-center wall hanging is a wonderful reminder of the chakras’ significance in meditation and harmonious health for all. Complete with two attached metal rings for hanging.

Because each one-of-a-kind wall hanging is handcrafted from a variety of unique, Amma-blessed prasad saris, each wall hanging is sold as a limited edition item.

The images shown only represent a sample. The wall hanging you receive is rarely an exact match of what’s pictured.  All colors may differ slightly from photos, depending on each computer screen’s settings.

SIZE:  11" W x 41" L, with 1" metal rings for hanging

MATERIAL:  Front features silk and silk-polyester sari segments, with fabric paint. Gold-colored polyester backing.

ORIGIN:  Handcrafted in India

CARE:  Spot clean


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