Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil (Joint, Muscle, Bone)

Relief for arthritic and rheumatic pain, joint discomfort, swelling of the joints, back pain, muscle pulls, muscle cramps, and ligament injuries.

Herbs known to nourish and repair damaged or torn tissue.

Directions: Apply the oil directly onto the affected area with the dropper or with the oil in the palm of your hand or fingertips. Massage the oil gently but firmly into the sore area until the oil is absorbed. The oil may be applied multiple times during the day as necessary. For instance, for newly pulled muscles or joint injuries, immediately apply the oil and continue to apply as often as you like. The effect of the oil and its herbal properties are subtle, yet very effective. You may find that you will notice quite naturally that the ache or pain diminishes after use and you will be able to have greater movement. Use as much as you like and as often as you feel necessary.

For chronic conditions (i.e arthritis, back or neck problems) apply daily. For a special treatment , you may also apply a hot water towel to the affected area for a few minutes, then apply the oil, massage in and cover with a dry towel to retain heat. For leg cramps, apply the oil directly onto the cramp and massage. For congestion of the chest area, massage a few drops of the oil to the chest to help increase circulation and breathe more easily..

After using the oil once, you will intuitively know what amount of the oil will bring relief ..... you can never use too much or too little!
For Headaches, apply a couple drops to your temples and jaw bone (avoid eyes.)

Ingredients: Over eighty-eight Wildcrafted herbs in a base of naturally processed Sesame Oil and Mustard Oil.

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