Durga Doll Small (Blessed)


Amma specially blessed the doll for this online shop.

Durga embodies the ideal of motherly love but also strength and power. She is the personification of the totality of the Gods. She is the power by which the whole universe is permeated and energized. She bestows health, wealth, power, beauty and virtue. She is ever engaged in protecting Her children from the devilish ego which threatens their spiritual life. Durga is the mother of the universe.

Durga’s pearl mala is Prasad (blessed by Amma). Her sari is tied in the traditional north Indian style. She is holding a sword and a discus, and wears a rhinestone crown.

All our dolls are handmade with love and prayers.


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Height:  6.75 inches (17cm)

Origin:  Handcrafted in India


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