Herringbone Himalayan Cashmere-Wool Shawl (Blanket)


Our Blanket-sized Herringbone Himalayan Cashmere-Wool Shawl is created from a sumptuously soft blend of pure Himalayan cashmere and all-natural sheep’s wool. The result is an amazingly versatile shawl that can double as a luxurious blanket, or even an elegant fashion overcoat.

The cashmere is carefully combed (rather than sheared) from the downy undercoats of Pashmina breed Himalayan goats, as they naturally shed their winter coats each spring. These native North India goats live their winters at extreme mountain altitudes above 13,000 feet, where temperatures can drop as low as -40 F/C. The resulting cashmere wool created is not only astoundingly soft and fine, it is also the warmest natural fiber in nature. The cashmere is then blended with soft sheep’s wool to give this Himalayan Cashmere-Wool Shawl its heavier, comforting weight and added durability. Available in a variety of alluring shades, with a subtle herringbone weave.

  • Cashmere from Pashmina breed Himalayan goats
  • 70% cashmere, 30% sheep’s wool
  • Herringbone weave
  • 57" W x 110" L (Blanket size)
  • Made in India

CARE:  Dry clean only


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