Joyful Contemplation


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Mother smiled at everyone again and said, “Children, everyone’s mind is turbulent now, let us calm ourselves.” Mother then began to sing, Paurnami ravil...

O Mother,
You are the splendor of moonlight
Shining forth in the sky on a full moon night;
You are a spring evening,
Arriving in a beautiful, fragrant palanquin
Covered with flowers.

O Mother,
You are the exquisite sound
Awakening in the gentle strings of a tambura;
You are a lyrical poem
Within the bursting imagination of a poet.

You are the One in whom the seven primary colors
And seven notes have merged;
You are the fragrance of a flower,
The beauty of a rainbow,
And the coolness of a breeze.

The atmosphere once again grew calm and peaceful and everyone was left with the memory of yet one more wonderful experience worthy of contemplation.

-From Awaken, Children! Volume 6

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