Krishna Doll Small

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Krishna stands for the Supreme Consciousness, love and compassion. The enchanting music emanating from the flute of the Lord represents the bliss of realization. Krishna stands for the inner self, the Atman, which is the living principle that transforms inert matter into a living being. The Atman is eternal, all-pervading, and infinite. Krishna’s blue color is also associated with infinity, like the vast blue sky and the limitless ocean. 

Our Krishna doll is holding a flute and his crown has a real peacock feather attached to it.  

All our dolls are handmade with love and prayers.

Choose your favorite doll by looking at the number in the photos and selecting that same number above. Each doll is unique and special (there is only one doll for each number). We will send you the same doll you see in the photo.


Height:  6.75 inches (17cm)

Origin:  Handcrafted in India


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