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Amma specially blessed these dolls for this online shop.

Rama is a role model for how to lead a perfect life. Rama symbolizes integrity, commitment to the good of all, truthfulness and selfless, active brotherly love. Lord Rama, the most famous incarnation of God, is the emblem of righteousness.

His life and teachings of morality in office are as relevant for us today as when He appeared nearly 20 thousand years ago. Lord Rama excelled all others in virtue. Indeed, He was the eternal Lord Sri Vishnu, and had advented Himself in the world of men on behalf of the Devas, who desired the slaying of Ravana.

To his father, Emperor Dasaratha, he was a son unequalled in the world. He never spoke an untruth. He offered all respect to the learned and the elderly; the people adored Him, and He loved the people. His transcendental body was free from disease and the influence of old age. He was eloquent, beautiful and adaptable to circumstances. He knew the heart of every man on earth [being omniscient], and He alone was aloof from the world of matter.

Lord Rama was endowed with dazzling transcendental qualities, and He was haloed as if by the rays of the sun. The earth personified adored Him who was possessed of such virtues, who was unconquerable, who was courageous and who was the unequalled Lord of all.

Our Rama doll is holding a wood carved bow and arrow.

All our dolls are handmade with love and prayers. Usually no more than three of each doll number are made.

Height: 6.75 inches (17cm)

Origin: Handcrafted in India


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