Rudraksha & Blush Agate Wrist Mala (Prasad)

“If we have been able to give happiness to a soul even for a minute, it makes our life blessed.”  –Amma

This irresistible Rudraksha & Blush Agate Wrist Mala is a true statement piece. The mala bracelet has been blessed and worn by Amma many times each month, over a 6 month period and is imbued with her sacred energy.

Agate is known to promote inner stability, equanimity and maturity. It’s warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence.

Each of our Amma’s Prasad Wrist Malas are inspired by Amma’s extraordinary acts of love, inner strength and self-sacrifice, and her offerings of every thought, word and deed to benefit others. Prasad, at its essence, symbolizes the giving of our love and devotion, as well as receiving it back in the form of a blessing or grace.

  • Blessed and worn by Amma over a 6-month period, multiple times each month
  • Rudraksha guru bead 
  • Blush agate gemstone beads (10 mm)
  • Decorative metal caps and beads 
  • Stretch bracelet, on elastic cord
  • Women’s size M, with an inner circumference of 6½"
  • Handcrafted in India with sacred mantras

FINAL SALE:  Prasad Jewelry items cannot be returned or exchanged.

CARE:  When putting on a stretch bracelet, do NOT stretch and pull the bracelet to fit over your hand. Instead, slide your fingers into the bracelet, then gently roll it up over your hand to your wrist. To remove the bracelet, follow the above steps in reverse. Remove the bracelet before showering, or entering a pool or spa. Avoid putting perfume where your skin touches the bracelet, as this may discolor the beads.