Sacred Sari Tranquil Nature Paintings - Limited Edition Art


 “ When we see Mother Nature as the embodiment of God, we will automatically serve and protect her.” - Amma

Inspired by their love for Mother Nature, professional artists have offered this Limited Edition series of exquisite nature paintings on luxurious, Amma-blessed prasad saris. With each stroke of the brush, the artists invoked a deep longing to connect with creation and Creator to paint the tranquil and meditative moods of nature. From the soft whisper of leaves to the silent flap of doves’ wings to the soothing drops of night rain, and the unfolding of each petal—These beautiful paintings create a gentle gateway for nature’s beauty to enter the inner sanctity of your home, office or studio, and help transform it into a sanctuary of peace. 

Each fabric painting is encased by a beautiful border and includes a rod pocket at the top for hanging. (Rod not included.) Only five Sacred Sari Tranquil Nature Paintings were created for this special 2020 Limited Edition collection—each was given its own name, and is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

SIZE:  Essence of Om- Bamboo Garden 33" W x 70" L

Harmony- Love Nature 30½" W x 67" L

Radiance- Love is the Way 35½" W x 67" L

Splendor- Nature is God Made Visible 32½" W x 66" L

Peace- Doves in Flight 28" W x 68" L

MATERIAL:  Textile paint on silk and/or polyester. Polyester backing.

ORIGIN:  Handcrafted in India

CARE:  Dry clean only

Collections: All, Home Décor