Upcycled Juice Purse

Our Upcycled Juice Purse gives tough-to-recycle packaging new life with a fun and fruitful twist. Handmade with devotion in California from clean, sanitized juice pouches, this super-cute carry purse is made of durable, multi-layer plastic. Complete with handles and self-fastening tab closure. Doubles as a mini lunch bag or snack tote that makes both a fashion statement and helps increase eco-awareness. A fun gift for fellow Earth-friendly fans!

Please note: Because each upcycled purse is handmade from a variety of juice pouches, the item you receive may be different than what’s pictured. Since these upcycled items are assorted, we’ll send your purse with its surprise juice-flavor look.


Amma’s vision of turning “Waste into Wealth” is blossoming all around the world. Amrita Upcycle, a GreenFriends project, was created by Amma to address the global problem of plastic waste. Founded in 2001, GreenFriends seeks to inspire people to serve and protect nature, so that all life-forms may live in harmony upon the Earth.

Is it possible for a thrown-away plastic bag to become a useful, durable and beautiful object that people will be eager to purchase? The answer is a clear and resounding, “Yes!” Using simple tools and a basic sewing machine, Amrita Plastic Project's global team transforms discarded food packaging, used shopping bags, tossed Tetra Pak® juice boxes and much more into beautiful, useful, long-lasting products. In the process, the waste material not only gets recycled, its value goes up as well—thus the term "upcycled”. After sorting the waste plastics from rubbish bins, then hand washing, sterilizing and drying, a wide range of unique plastic materials are conscientiously handcrafted into purses, wallets, jewelry, household items, and a variety of other accessories and items.

SIZE:  7½" W x 5" H x 3½" D (Including handles, height is 8".)

MATERIAL:  Plastic and aluminum

ORIGIN:  Handmade in USA

CARE:  Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Collections: All, Upcycled!