Varanasi Batik Wall Hanging Art - Sri Ganesha Collection


These exclusive Varanasi Batik Wall Hanging Art pieces are hand-painted by a four-generation family of artisans in Varanasi, India. Each Batik is entirely handcrafted through a process of waxing the intricate design, dyeing the fabric, and removing the wax to reveal the final creation. The result is an amazing work of art that adds a sacred element to any home or work space, and can act as a wonderful instrument for meditation and prayer.

Our Sri Ganesha collection praises the world-renowned, elephant-headed deity who removes all obstacles to success. His head signifies wisdom, strength, patience, and bears a single, broken tusk, representing one-pointedness. He is also recognized for his generous, round belly, wrapped with a snake for a belt, representing the entire universe, held together by the cosmic energy of kundalini energy. A humble mouse is his vehicle, which symbolizes Sri Ganesha’s supreme control over his own ego. The bowl of sweets in his lower-left hand stands for the ultimate attainment of ‘Immortal Bliss’.

Available in a wide variety of beautiful color combinations. Since each Varanasi Batik Wall Hanging Art is individually handcrafted, patterns and colors may vary slightly. Hanging materials not included; display ideas listed at bottom.

SIZE: Approximately 36"W x 40"H

MATERIAL: 100% cotton

ORIGIN: Handcrafted in India

CARE: Feather dust. Do not wash, dry clean or hang in direct sunlight.

DISPLAY OPTIONS: Hanging materials are not included. Display options include using small hanging rings, Velcro strips® (with softer portions attached to the Batik), or a ‘Museum Mount’ for the most professional display. To create your own Museum Mount, you’ll need a needle, thread, stapler and staples suitable for wood, plus black fabric and a wooden frame that’s approximately a half inch larger than the Batik Wall Hanging Art on each side. Stretch black fabric over frame, and staple fabric to cover frame. Hand-stitch Batik to the frame fabric, turning the rough edges under, for the most professional look.

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