Varanasi Batik Wall Hanging Art — Sri Yantra Collection


These exclusive Varanasi Batik Wall Hanging Art pieces are hand-painted by a four-generation family of artisans in Varanasi, India. Each Batik is entirely handcrafted through a process of waxing the intricate design, dyeing the fabric, and removing the wax to reveal the final creation. The result is an amazing work of art that adds a sacred element to any home or workspace, and can act as a wonderful instrument for meditation and prayer.

 Of our four Varanasi Batik collections, our Sri Yantra collection features the ‘Queen of Yantras’ design, symbolizing the sacred Divine Mother principle—known as the source of all energy, power, and creativity. Traditionally, the Sri Yantra is displayed with the small, central triangle pointing down. When displayed this way, four of the many triangles point upwards, representing humanity’s striving to reach God; and five of the triangles (more) point downwards, representing God’s reaching down to lift humanity—an indication that God’s grace is greater than human effort. Where these triangles intersect depicts the entire field of creation. And, the central bindu (dot) depicts the unity or changeless eternal being beyond creation.

Available in up to 16 beautiful color combinations. Hanging materials not included; display ideas listed at the bottom. Since each Varanasi Batik Wall Hanging Art is individually handcrafted, patterns and colors may vary slightly.

SIZE:  Approximately 34½" x 34½"

MATERIAL:  100% cotton

ORIGIN:  Handcrafted in India

CARE:  Feather dust. Do not wash, dry clean or hang in direct sunlight.

DISPLAY OPTIONS:  Hanging materials are not included. Display options include using small hanging rings, Velcro strips® (with softer portions attached to the Batik), or a ‘Museum Mount’ for the most professional display.
To create your own Museum Mount, you’ll need a needle, thread, stapler and staples suitable for wood, plus black fabric and a wooden frame that’s approximately a ½" larger than the Batik Wall Hanging Art on each side. Stretch black fabric over frame, and staple fabric to cover frame. Hand-stitch Batik to the frame fabric, turning the rough edges under, for the most professional look.

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