Women’s Kullu Wool Handloom Shawl, Arctic Border


Our extraordinarily stylish and timeless Kullu Wool Handloom Shawl with Arctic Border detail is perfect for keeping you cozy. Amazingly warm and lightweight, soft and gentle next to the skin, and so durable, it’s been known to last a lifetime. Nestled at the base of the majestic Himalayas in India’s picturesque Kullu Valley, nearly 200 artisans work on simple wooden handlooms to create our top-quality, pure wool Kullu handlooms. The wool is collected directly from sheep of the Kullu Valley and crafted using culturally preserved handloom weaving techniques passed down through generations.

Now people all over the world can enjoy the striking beauty and coziness of a carefully chosen Kullu Wool Handloom. Bring one along wherever you go, or snuggle up at home. Our shawl is perfect for meditation, as a travel blanket, or as an extra layering piece. Our Kullu Wool Handloom makes a stunning and exotic gift, too!


Please note: Colors may differ slightly from photos, depending on each computer screen’s settings.  

SIZE:  Because each piece is handwoven, individual measurements will slightly vary. Shawl measurements range from 37" to 38" wide and 80" to 84" long. Measurements do not include fringe/tassels. 

MATERIAL:  100% wool 

ORIGIN:  Handwoven in India

CARE:  Dry clean for the first wash, to set the weave. After, hand wash cold, using a mild soap. Dry flat.



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