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Inspired by the depiction of Amma in Jan Kounen's 2005 documentary Darshan: the Embrace, the French film association Cinema Verite presented Amma with its 2007 Prix Cinema Verite for her contributions in fostering world peace and harmony.
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Jewelry & Gifts Jewelry

A collection of wrist malas or rosaries and three-metal mantra bracelets worn for both spiritual upliftment as well as relaxation and purification.
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Learn & Explore Worship

Step into the world of Amma and explore the myriad avenues of spirituality and Amma’s teachings. Read the experiences of other devotees, find items to aide you in your practices, hear words of wisdom from some of Amma’s senior disciples, and expand into yoga. Learn and explore with friends, family, or on your own.
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In Sanskrit, a vedic language, "bhajans" mean songs devoted to the divine. They are sung for worship, concentration, protection and simply out of love. Not only beautiful, these sacred songs are said to create good vibrations & purify the surrounding environment. Available in multiple languages.
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Complete Body Complete Body

When caring for yourself, care for the world simultaneously. Our line of natural & organic beauty products, health care, incense and ayurvedic products is all produced with the greatest care and attention to their benefits to the body and their nature-friendly qualities. Make your body and surroundings feel beautiful, naturally.
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Gifts for the mind, body and spirit. Explore our selection of gifts and jewelry from across the world. Our collection of items are sure to make for unusual and thoughtful presents for yourself or your loved ones. Also included in this section are a array of motivational cards and tools as well as greeting cards..
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This is a moving and inspiring account of the unique life of Amma, one of the great spiritual leaders of modern times.
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Amma's Rose perfume EO: Amma's Rose Perfume

The Amma Shop's Signature Fragrance
This signature fragrance is a proprietary blend of sandalwood and rose essential oils. Specially re-designed bottle by EO includes a roller-top for easy application.
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