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Paul & Co. Harmonium, 3 Reeds, 9 Scale Changer, Teak Wood

Excellent craftsmanship is evident in every detail and distinguishes this new, premium-level harmonium from lower-end scale changer models. Paul & Co. is Kolkata, India’s most renowned harmonium maker and widely considered among the best makers of harmoniums. It takes months to mindfully craft a single Paul & Co. harmonium, and only a rare few are created each month—a true labor of love. With its sweet and melodious tone, this high-end scale changer model allows for transposing the scale of the keyboard to play in C—the standard, 3 reed, 9 scale changer model. Beautiful teak construction, long sustain, quick key response, and precision tuning. Paul & Co. harmoniums like this one are often used in bhajan sessions with Amma and the Swamis. 


- Exterior Construction: Teak

- Interior Construction: Teak

- Box Type: Traditional Collapsing

- Key Construction: Two-piece

- Number of Keys: 37 sliding

- Reed type: Palitana, Jivanlal R.T. Samrat 

- Reed banks: 3 sets (Bass, Male, Female)

- Reed orientation: Horizontal (Bass) / Vertical (Male, Female)

- Scale changer: 9 scales

- Stops: 4 (Bass, Male, Female, Tremolo)

- Drones: 7

- Coupler: left action

-Folding box type with handle

-Padded gig bag included

-Tested & tuned before shipping

Size : 25.75 x 16 x 8.5 in. (closed), 25.75 x 16 x 10.5 in. (open)

Origin : India

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