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Chants & Meditation

A unique video designed to guide and teach viewers the different chants and meditations. All the chants and practices are carefully explained, their significances revealed and their pronunciation made simple and clear. Hosted by Swami Paratmananda Puri, it features the Ma-Om meditation guided by Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri as well as instructions on manasa puja or mental worship. Chants include Amma's Invocation Prayer (Dhyayamo), Prayer to the Guru (Guru Brahma), Unity Prayer (Sahana Vavatu), Food Prayer (Brahmarpanam), Amma's Arati, as well as the Prayers for Auspiciousness and Peace. In addition the video also contain a short narration of Amma's life story by Swamini Krishnamritaprana as well as footage of Krishna Bhava. A powerful and meditative teaching tool.

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