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Samadhi Sacred Eye Pillow

Relax and; Rejuvenate yourself! Lay back and experience a deep inner calm as you apply this Sacred Pillow over your eyes. Hand-tailored in South India by the survivors of the Tsunami, these eye pillows are made of Organic Flax seeds in a sheath of 100% Silk, woven with jari, a fine thread of spun gold. The weight of flax seeds inside the pillow creates the perfect pressure to soothe your tired eyes and the silk gently caresses your face. Your eyes can affect and guide the flow of prana, or chi (vital energy) throughout your body. Overstraining your eyes through computers, driving, etc can cause energy to leak from the vitals, especially the liver. Rejuvenating your eyes can revitalize your whole body. Use the eye pillow to ease stress, nervous tension, headaches and migraines, sinus congestion, insomnia, and/or eyestrain, or as an aid to relaxation. For puffy eyes, try cold therapy by cooling the pillow to the desired temperature before applying. Each eye pillow is Hand Tailored by survivors of the tsunami. Learn more about how the eye pillows are made.

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