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Unforgettable Memories

Memories of being led by Amma from the dense jungle of the intellect to the shady bower of the heart have been woven into storeis that speak of an alchemy that can transmute even dross into gold. This book contains memorable parables of how Amma, the Satguru, transmits to the disciple secrets that no philosophy can explicate. This universe is God's means of taking humaity to Fullness. It is a treasure trove of wonders, bestowing myriad experiences commensurate with people's vary levels of maturaty and understanding. Everyone lives in his or her own world. It is the human mind that creates heavan and hell. Nothing can be rejected. Instead, one must have the expansiveness of heart to embrace everything. This is what Amma is showing us - the ability to see only the good. This book shows us how, through motherly affection, Amma is giving us the gift of inner purity with which we can overcome the perversities of the mind and attain the divine experience of eternal beauty, thus fullfilling our lives.

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