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Awaken Children!, Vol. 01

Although there are many spiritual books available, there are very few that capture the voice, words and advice of a truly enlightened master such as Amma. In this first Awaken Children Book, like the others of this series, Amma's words are faithfully recorded allowing us a rare and wonderful glimpse into an enlightened and god-realized mind. Filled with Amma's wonderful stories, humor, and unusual insights, this book offers an extraordinary amount of knowledge about the spiritual path and how we can go about following it. Some of the topics covered in this volume are: God, temples, mantra, rituals, the path to liberation, karma, signs of self-realization, life after death, Kundalini, psychic powers, advice to householders, humility, and the guru-disciple relationship. A powerful book to begin to hear Amma in her own words on a variety of subjects. At the age of 21 Amma began initiating educated men and women who had renounced the world to dedicate their lives to pursue a spiritual life. As they and other seekers asked questions, they noticed the depth and simplicity of her explanations and began writing down her teachings. The books in the Awaken Children are the result of that discovery.


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