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Awaken Children!, Vol. 03

Whenever Amma speaks to us, it is from the exalted state of sahaja samadhi, the natural state of abidance in the Absolute Reality. It is compassion, and compassion alone, which prompts her to speak to her children about the indescribable state of Perfection. Volume 3 contains Amma's teaching conversations and dialogues with devotees from February 1984 through April 1984. Some of the topics covered are: what is the place where Mother is not; Mother and God are One; Bhava Darshan; Brahman; purification of departed souls; the nature of the mind; concentration and love; faith and sadhana; the bliss of singing bhajans; ashrams; and the Kali principle. All the books of the Awaken Children! series cover Amma's inspirational conversations with various seekers from 1976 onwards and have been faithfully recorded by her senior disciples. Expressing the highest spiritual truths in the simplest language, she inspires devotion to God, love for fellow beings and the spirit of selfless service.

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