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Amma's 108 Names Attar

Amma’s 108 Names Attar Story: With the greatest excitement and anticipation, our Natural Perfumer Roddajun Singtoh Dogon of Byron Bay, Australia has created a fragrance masterpiece: Amma’s 108 Names Attar. This magical Attar perfume has been inspired by and dedicated with love to our most treasured Mother Amma. The sweet, heavenly floral fragrance will transport you to Amma’s divine and loving presence aromatically. A blissful perfume to adorn yourself with, while performing personal sacred pujas, prayers, and mantras, or reciting Amma’s most glorious and precious Holy 108 names. During the creation of this Attar fragrance, a wonderful thing happened: a tiny white butterfly flew into the perfume lab and gently landed on top of these perfume bottles. The butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation, hope, the rebirth of love, and new beginnings.

Amma’s 108 Names Attar’s Fragrance Profile: The very moment you open and apply this tantalizing Attar to your skin, the whole environment will be immersed in the most beautiful, lush, fruity, floral perfume. Each bottle holds an impressive array of 54 of the most incredible, organically pure, flower and plant-based botanical oils, sourced from all over the world. This includes some of the rarest and most opulent Wild Roses, as well as delightfully fragrant Lotus oils. Amma’s 108 Names Attar fragrance could be described as exotic flower aromas caught in a summer night’s breeze. It contains a mysteriously sweet, mixed bouquet of Oriental Lilies, and fresh-picked Osmanthus, with natural scent traces similar to wild berries and cream. This Attar’s alluring perfume will keep you guessing aromatically with its vast complexity of Indian temple flower scents. As the multitude of potent tangy floral aromas start to gently ease into the background, a rich, warm, sandalwood and vanilla-like scent will remain, with hints of pink marshmallow flowers. This Attar captures the full spectrum of divine floral scents that are captured on a sacred darshan garland worn by Amma.

Amma’s 108 Names Attar Spiritual Alchemy: As with all of Amma’s Attars, the natural fragrance in each bottle may have its own slight variation. Our perfumer experimented for many months to perfect the most stunning colour of Amma’s 108 Names Attar oil, which has a spectacular, deep golden hue. This golden colour resonates with the Crown Chakra, and all the flower essences in the Attar represent each of the other Chakras. The botanicals blended into Amma’s Attars, help create peace of mind, comfort, and focus. Amma’s 108 Names Attar is the miracle of Amma’s Divine Loving energy fused into this extraordinary, spiritual perfume fragrance, dedicated with loving devotion to Amma’s Divine & Holy Spirit.

A Special Message from our Perfumer: I am truly blessed and offer my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Amma for helping me stay focused on this mission. From a distance she held me very close, guiding me with her loving support and encouragement through the complex creation processes of all these Attars in Her Holy Name. The incredible miracles and synchronicity that occurred through all these magical perfuming experiences with Amma are beyond words. Laughter was a divine key ingredient. It is always such a wonderful honour to serve Amma and feel Her loving grace ever-present. I am constantly blown away by the wonderful support and feedback I receive from our beautiful Amma Devotees, families, and friends from all over the globe. It truly means the world to me that Amma’s Attar Perfume fragrance products I create for Amma’s global charities are enjoyed worldwide, fragrantly adorning people with love, in Amma’s Divine & Holy Name. 

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Amma’s Attars are 100% Pure & Natural: Amma’s Attars Perfume fragrance products contain only the finest pure and natural botanical ingredients, so we can experience greater benefits for our mind, body, spirit, health, and well-being. All Attar ingredients are only sourced from the best ethical suppliers around the world. All Attar Perfume fragrances are totally gender neutral.

How are Amma’s Attars Created: Amma’s Attars & Puja Anointing Perfume Oil products are individually handmade with Amma’s Divine Grace by our Master Perfumer creating spiritual fragrances for the past 4 decades. All the Attars are created using top secret formula ingredients of the purest, rare, highest grade, 100% natural botanical flower/ blossom absolute essences on the planet. They are then all sacredly visualized into alchemically consecrated infused recipes using precious essential oils of woods, bark, resins and spices. Subsequently, producing this very exclusive, limited edition of Attar fragrances, encased in a traditional lavish golden bottle.

What is an Attar Perfume? Attars are complex, highly concentrated 100% Natural Perfume Oil Fragrances made since ancient times, originally from the Indian and Middle Eastern subcontinents. They consist of premium absolutes and essential oils and are free of alcohol and synthetic chemicals found in commercial fragrances. Attars are known as very luxurious high-end perfumes, they often come in beautifully decorative tiny little bottles. Attars are usually more expensive than mass produced perfumes due to the highest quality ingredients, and the intensive labour and skill involved in their creation. An Attar may deepen its fragrance with age. 

How to use an Amma’s Attar? First, gently dab on the clean dry skin away from the eyes, never rub oiled skin together as it bruises the Attars fragrance. Let the oil rest on the skin so the fragrance takes hold, this helps with the aromas process to its intended scent. For the best complete aromatic experience, apply the Attar oil to the skin creating three horizontal lines gently in a row. Very similar to Shiva’s Devotees applying their Tripundra on the skin, this helps to get all aspects of the natural Attars fragrance. To speed up the Attars oil drying time, very gently with a finger rub oil in a circular motion a few times. Attars often leave hints of oil residue on the skin. 

Care - Safety & Storage: Please do not use if pregnant or lactating. Test on the skin first if there is a sensitivity concern. Always keep the Attar bottles out of direct sunlight and away from heat, store Attar in a cool dark area. To help avoid staining any clothing or furnishings, best to wait for the oil to be relatively dry on the skin. All Attar Ingredients are Alcohol, Chemically & Cruelty-Free - Vegan & Environmentally Friendly. If stored correctly, an Attars Perfume can last many years, becoming more potent over time.

Attar Bottle Size - 6ml - contents encased in a golden metal bottle with an internal glass vessel & fragrance applicator.