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Vishnu - Tulsi & Gems Tassel Mala


“Life becomes fulfilled when humankind and Nature move hand in hand, in harmony.” 

Lord Vishnu is often depicted with a tulsi (holy basil) plant at his feet, with its leaves and flowers decorating them, or in a garland around his neck. The natural, unpolished tulsi beads in our enchanting 108-bead Vishnu Tulsi & Gems Tassel Mala are made directly from tulsi plant wood. The tulsi beads are featured with a glorious hand-knotted arrangement of blue-toned healing gemstones (listed in the color name) and a vibrant silk tassel. The lightness of the tulsi beads makes this mala necklace easy to carry and use for mantra and meditation practices. 

The tulsi plant (also known as ‘tulasi’) is regarded as the holiest of all plants and an embodiment of the Divine Mother on Earth. Out of compassion, the tulsi plant offers her entire being for worship and for medicinal use—through her leaves, flowers and seeds. Her body, as plant wood, is crafted into sacred beads for chanting the names of God. Tulsi beads are known to be very healing and can potentially help whoever wears them with more balanced health, peace of mind and reduced stress.

  • 108-bead mala
  • Natural, unpolished tulsi/basil beads (8 mm)
  • Gemstone beads, as listed in color name (8-10 mm)
  • Guru gemstone bead (size varies per gemstone selection)
  • Hand-knotted design, with cotton cord
  • Silk tassel (2")
  • Length is approximately 37" without tassel 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Handcrafted in India 

CARE:  Please remove your mala before entering water. To clean a Tulsi & Gems Tassel Mala, gently wipe the beads using a damp cloth, and let air dry. You can also refresh the tulsi beads with a touch of almond, jojoba or sesame oil, but avoid getting oils or lotions on the gemstone beads or tassel. The mala tassel can be carefully washed in cold water, and gently combed to straighten. Avoid hanging in sun, as sunlight can cause gemstones to fade over time. 

Note:  We recommend storing your mala in one of our sacred japa mala prayer pouches, made from prasad sari pieces, sold separately.


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