“Enlightenment means the ability to recognize oneself in all living creatures.” –Amma 

The lightness of natural tulsi beads is gently balanced by a dazzling, rainbow-colored array of assorted crystal beads, making our 7-Chakra Rainbow Quartz & Tulsi Bracelet beautiful to wear, and pleasing to use as a wrist mala.  

The seven rainbow beads featured include Ruby Quartz (root chakra), Carnelian Quartz (sacral), Yellow Quartz (solar plexus), Green Jade Quartz (heart), Turquoise (throat), Lapis Lazuli (“third eye”), and Amethyst (crown). These colorful crystal beads can help you connect to each of the body’s main chakras, allowing them to open for better flow of energy, while enhancing feelings of tranquility, clarity and mental calm.

The tulsi plant (also known as ‘tulasi’) is often regarded as the holiest of plants and an embodiment of the Divine Mother on Earth. Out of compassion, the tulsi plant offers her entire being for worship and for medicinal use—through her leaves, flowers and seeds. Her body, as plant wood, is crafted into sacred beads for chanting the names of God. Tulsi beads are known to be very healing and can potentially help whoever wears them with more balanced health, peace of mind and reduced stress. 

  • Assorted crystal beads, as listed above (8 mm)
  • Natural, unpolished tulsi/basil plant-wood beads (8 mm)
  • Decorative metal beads
  • Strong, latex-free stretch cord
  • Stretch bracelet style, sized to fit most women’s wrists (one size) 
  • Handcrafted in India 

CARE: When putting on a stretch bracelet, do NOT stretch and pull the bracelet to fit over your hand. Instead, slide your fingers into the bracelet, then gently roll it up over your hand to your wrist. To remove the bracelet, follow the above steps in reverse. Remove the bracelet before showering, or entering a pool or spa. Avoid putting perfume where your skin touches the bracelet, as this may discolor the beads. To clean the tulsi beads, gently wipe the beads using a damp cloth and let air dry.