Amma – The Most Powerful Spiritual Light the World has ever Known

Never in the history of the world has one person done so much for so many in such a short amount of time 

Amma – Mata Amritanandamayi – is a cosmic dynamo of spiritual light, love and power.  To say she is the greatest spiritual light the world has ever known is a bold but provable statement.  Also known as the “Hugging Saint” she travels the world having hugged more than 35 million people in the last 40 years.  These are not ordinary hugs but transcendental hugs – hugs flowing with the nectar of incomprehensible love, compassion and supreme power.  She has given tens of thousands of people diksha or profound spiritual transmission, insight and vision.  She has fostered a vast charitable organization known as Embracing the World which includes schools, hospitals, orphanages, free homes for the destitute and feeding tens of millions of starving people – all from a woman born into a very poor family and who never made it past the fourth grade in school.  Amma is a person who rarely sleeps and is only giving… giving… giving… day after day.  She does not take even one breath for herself.  It is a great opportunity to sit in Amma’s presence because the profound light and love that radiates from her constantly will transform our minds and open our hearts without our having to do anything.  Amma is unprecedented, unparalleled and without equal anywhere or at any time.  This book is a journey into the life of a glowing white-hot incarnation of the Divine who walks among us now – a phenomenon that becomes available to us perhaps only once in 10,000 years.