Amrita Bindu Eye Drops

Refreshing.... Cooling.... Rejuvenating

Made with organic rose petals, these unique eye drops revive and revitalize the eyes. Great to use before meditation/ pranayama/ yoga. Also helpful whenever the eyes are tired, bloodshot, dry or need rejuvenation, especially after long periods of screen time or driving. 

Use daily to bring youth and freshness into the eyes. 

Always shake before use. It is normal that there may be a little herbal sediment in the bottles, so just shake each time before using. 

Do not refrigerate- store at room temperature. 
As they are a bit invigorating, do not use these eye drops before bed. Using them during the morning, especially before yoga and meditation, is great for increased alertness. Using them throughout the day is encouraged as well. 

It is normal that the eye drops burn when they are first put into the eye. The burning passes quickly, and then the eyes feel very refreshed. So, in case you feel some burning, please do not be concerned. They  contain small amounts of natural, organic camphor, which open the sinuses in such a way that the whole head relaxes. When there is excess heat in the eyes, the drops can sting for a moment. If this happens, keep your eyes closed and take a deep breath. When the eyes open it will seem that the whole world is just a little brighter.