Auspicious Gaja Elephant Collectibles - Limited Edition Art


Blessed by Amma with a shower of flower petals—each adorably precious elephant has its own unique character and personality. Devout artisans in India craft the elephants entirely by hand with the utmost attention and devotion, treating each elephant with loving care, as if it were a living being. Genuine works of art, every 8½" x 14" fabric-sculpted elephant is soft to touch and spectacular to behold—a collector’s dream!

Positively twinkling from the tip of their upturned trunks to their jewel-tasseled tails, every elephant is abundantly decked with gorgeous jeweled beading and dazzling metallic threads that reflect light in all of its beautiful forms. The vibrant fabric patchwork, including Amma-blessed Prasad Sari pieces, beading and tassel combinations create a wondrous effect, making each elephant irresistible. And to give these collectibles even more majestic appeal, every Limited Edition elephant is substantially stuffed with nearly two pounds of filling materials (also with Prasad Sari pieces), giving each elephant an added sense of regal strength and stability, amidst its richly vibrant details.

We are also happy to share that each elephant arrives with its trunk turned towards the sky (known as a symbol of good luck). And placing an elephant in your home is known to encourage prosperity in life. A precious gift to give to loved ones, or yourself.

This beautiful, handmade elephant has been designed as a décor item only. It is NOT A CHILDREN’S TOY. There are small parts which may present a danger to a young child.


SIZE:  8½" H x 14" L

MATERIAL:  Outer is mixed cotton and Amma-blessed Prasad Sari segments of blended materials, with synthetic trims. Filling is mixed fabric pieces, including sari segments, and polyester fill.

ORIGIN:  Handcrafted in India

CARE:  Spot clean


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