Awaken Children!, Vol. 04

Rebirth--death of the old and birth of the new--a new life, a new vision...this is the real boon of a mahatma, or an enlightened master. Mahatmas like Amma want everyone to experience this everlasting peace and joy. It's their wish that everyone should experience their oneness with creation, and they strive to accomplish this goal. Volume 4 contains Amma's teaching conversations and dialogues with devotees from April 1984 through June 1984. Some of the topics covered are: spiritual qualities of women; beyond duality; receiving the Guru's prasad; suffering of the poor; work in praise of God; believers and non believers; innocent faith and how to study the scriptures; concentration and meditation; formation of qualities in children; family life as an ashram; as well as spiritual love and worldly love. Books in the Awaken Children! series cover Amma's inspirational conversations with various seekers from 1976 onwards and have been faithfully recorded by her senior disciples.

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