Beaded Kaimani (Wooden Handgrip Cymbals)

Kaimani (hand bells) are a foundational rhythm instrument for devotional bhajans and folk music in India. Also known as 'hand cymbals', 'manjira' or 'kartal', the kaimani are made of bell metals and produce a rich and ambient sound.

This Beaded Kaimani model features two bell-shaped, brass cymbals in a teardrop style, with a wooden handgrip/bead affixed to each cymbal. A metal decoration at the top of each handle adds beauty to this beloved instrument. The kaimani are lightweight and feature a bright and even tone that adds a crisp sound to music. Beaded kaimani are also the more preferred type used in Amma’s bhajan group.

  • 2 bell-shaped cymbals
  • Bell metals
  • Attached wooden handgrips/beads
  • Metal decorative elements
  • Made in India

To learn more about the kaimani and how to select a set, see the blog article by Amrita Virtual Academy

You can also learn how to play the kaimani by enrolling in the Kaimani: Level 1- The Art of Handbells online course, also available through Amrita Virtual Academy.