Bodhi - Amritapuri Rudraksha & Sandalwood Bead Necklace

"Anything lost can be found again - except for time. We should live every moment with awareness." - Amma

Bodhi (pronounced “BO-dhee”) is Sanskrit for ‘enlightenment’ or ‘to awaken’ to the wisdom of attaining spiritual liberation through the perfect blending of mindfulness with meditation. Our Bodhi - Amritapuri Rudraksha & Sandalwood Bead Necklace was inspired by the conscious process of waking up to the present moment. The large Rudraksha bead is imbued with the powerful vibrations of Amritapuri Ashram-grown Rudraksha trees. This main bead is beautifully framed on each side by silver caps, two smaller rudraksha beads, and a series of sandalwood beads. The necklace also features a set of adjustable, sliding knots on nylon cord, for easy wear in a loose choker style. 

  • Genuine Panchmukhi/Five-Faced Amritapuri Rudraksha beads (Large bead is 14 to 15 mm. Smaller beads are 6 mm.)
  • Sandalwood beads (3 mm)
  • Silver caps 
  • Nylon cord in light camel color
  • Adjustable length, approximately 14-26 inches
  • Sized to fit adults 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Handcrafted in India with sacred mantras

The different beads and their qualities are listed below:

Five-Faced Amritapuri Rudraksha Beads - Enhance meditation - Bring positive energy - Calm the mind

Sandalwood Beads - Enhance meditation - Stimulate a sense of awareness - Create more balance

CARE:  The Rudraksha and Sandalwood beads will gradually darken as they interact with natural skin oils, and the Rudraksha beads may also require periodic cleaning. To clean Rudraksha beads, first soak them in warm, soapy water overnight. Then scrub thoroughly with an extra-soft toothbrush, and allow to dry.