Chandana - Sandalwood & Gemstone Mala



“We should never forget that after every night, there is a dawn. We should never lose our optimistic faith.”  —Amma


‘Chandana’ is Sanskrit for ‘scented wood or sandalwood’, making it an ideal name for our delightfully fragrant, 108-bead sandalwood and gemstone mala (‘garland or rosary’). Sandalwood has been used since ancient times to calm the mind, uplift the soul, and as an aid to meditation and spiritual practices. The sandalwood beads in this captivating, hand-knotted mala are interspersed with select gemstone beads for added beauty and healing benefits. The mala is perfectly sized for meditation practice and can be worn as a necklace, or wrapped around the wrist. 

  • 108-bead mala
  • Natural sandalwood beads (8 mm)
  • Select gemstone beads (8 mm)
  • Hand-knotted design, with cotton thread
  • Length is approximately 42" with tassel (36" plus tassel)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Handcrafted in India with sacred mantras

CARE:  Sandalwood is rare and should be treated carefully. Please remove your mala before entering water. If the beads begin to lose their scent, place in a tightly-sealed bag overnight to help restore scent. You can also refresh the sandalwood beads with a hint of your favorite sandalwood oil, but avoid getting oils or lotions on the gemstone beads. The gemstones can be cleaned occasionally with a soft, damp cloth. The mala’s tassel can be lightly washed in soapy water and left to dry, out of direct sunlight. If any fraying occurs, the tassel can be combed with a broad comb.