Chiropractor Tincture

Peekay’s Chiropractor in a bottle is for anyone who suffers from acute or chronic pain. This could be the active person who hurts themselves at the gym or while playing sports. It could also be the inactive person who injured their back years ago and it continues to give them pain, or occasionally flares up when they overdo it.

Chiropractor in a Bottle can be employed by athletes as a supportive tonic to nourish and strengthen connective tissues, improve post workout recovery and help prevent injuries. Peekay’s Chiropractor in a Bottle helps with all kinds of aches, pains and injuries. This includes acute strains and sprains from exercising or from work. It also addresses chronic injuries and pain that may be nagging or flaring up in the moment. Athletes use this formula as a post training tonic to promote rapid recovery.

Chiropractor in a Bottle reduces inflammation and pain, promotes circulation to the
irritated or injured area as well as nourishes and strengthens the musculoskeletal tissues. Peekay’s premium-grade herbs are carefully selected and procured by highly reputable suppliers whose skilled herbalists travel the world to source the best raw materials. They contract with bio-regional farm communities who have generations of experience in cultivating and harvesting their indigenous crops, using the most natural and traditional methods. This is done without the use of pesticides, fungicides, sulfites, or fumigation. Organic and ethically harvested herbs are always chosen whenever possible. These fresh, raw herbs are carefully dried and inspected, then shipped promptly to our domestic manufacturers in the US.

Supporting Eco-friendly agriculture and Fair-trade practices preserves the local
environments, the farmers, and their ancient traditions of herb cultivation and processing.The herbs are then further inspected and examined by experienced herbalists and lab technicians, who carefully prepare and process them according to the highest standards of protocol supported by traditional and modern practices.

Peekay’s premium extracts are manufactured under strict quality controls, using
proprietary, multi-phased, dual extraction systems. Our liquid herbal products are water-based, full-spectrum, extracts. Water and/or alcohol is used as appropriate to maximize the amounts and types of compounds extracted, always in accordance with traditional principles. The end product is a potent, rich tea concentrate, alive with fragrant aromatics and volatile oils.


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