Death of the Ego

The ego is the cause of all our mental and emotional suffering as well as all the strife and wars in the world.  By ego we mean the fundamental thought of an “I.”  This I-thought has taken up residence in our minds and it is not our true self – it is an imposter.  It is the feeling of separation from God, Nature and others.  It is the sense of “I” and “mine.”  Thus, it is our egoistic minds that obscure the truth of our existence which is this:  we are all beings if infinite bliss, love and joy!  Happiness is our primal nature!  There can be no Self-realization, God-realization, merging in the Divine, coming to Jesus or dissolving into the ocean of nirvana without abandoning that great thief and liar the ego.  Most of us imagine our egos to be our friend but it is really our greatest enemy.

This book explores the nature of the ego, its origins and how we might at last rid ourselves of this torment.  Most of us will not be rid of the great liar immediately but every effort to move in that direction will remove some of our suffering.  Even a little reduction in the illusions and delusions of our egos will give us great benefit and a deeper more satisfying peace, love and joy.  

The spiritual path is not about getting, acquiring or gaining anything.  It is 100% about removing something and that something is the ego.  Once removed, the truth of our magnificent luminous being is revealed.  We will realize the ego had been no more than a phantom – an illusion – and we are free, liberated, saved and eternally reunited with the Divine.  We are free to swim in the ocean of bliss!