Devi Bhava Clothing Set for Small Amma Doll

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Adorn your Amma Doll as the divine Mother with a new Devi Bhava clothing set. Let your Amma doll radiate Devi's divine qualities and unfold her infinite magic for you! Devi is the mother of the universe and all beings are her children. She has endless patience to wait for us and will lead us to the goal.

"Bhava" is a manifestation of divine attributes that are within us. To help strengthen these attributes in your life you can invoke Devi Bhava, the divine mood of Devi, with your Amma doll.  


Size:  Fits your 7-inch tall Amma doll

Includes:  Devi Bhava sari and blouse

Choose your favorite set by looking at the number in the photos and selecting that same number above. Each set is unique (there is only one set for each number). We will send you the same set you see in the photo.

Devi Bhava clothing is available in various colors. Each color has a specific vibration and meaning:

Red: Grace and divine love. Increases physical energy, vitality, grounding, spontaneity, stability. Red is a powerful color to stop something unjust. “To strengthen your passions and your sense of personal security, meditate with red.”

Orange: Stimulates creativity, productivity, enthusiasm, emotional expression. A warm and energetic color: inviting, welcoming and accepting. The color to draw warmth to a situation or a relationship. Color of harvest and earth’s bounty. “To increase self-esteem, harmony and abundance, meditate with orange.”

Blue: Holds the symbolic meaning of peace, truth, sincerity, faith and tranquility. Blue is soothing and represents trust and harmony, calmness. Brings clarity, tranquility, serenity, air of calm. Blue opens the pathway for the truth to be spoken and revealed. “To improve communication, truth and tranquility, meditate with blue.”

Yellow: A symbol of courage, hope and personal power. Yellow is associated with fire and purification processes. Yellow conjures up the spirit of happiness, joy and balance. Used for blessing new homes. “To boost courage and confidence, meditate with yellow.”

Gold: Wealth and endurance, success. Confidence and courage. Associated with the sun, Guru, righteousness. “To open yourself to wealth and courageous energies, meditate with gold.”

Green: Hope, purification of the soul through divine grace. Growth, prosperity, new beginning, flourishing, restoration, healing and help. “For overall healing and renewal, meditate with green.”

Pink: Magic of romance, sweetness, softness of being, to bestow peace, femininity, to bring an aura of subtlety and to heal emotions, to suggest heartfelt care and innocence. “To increase sweetness in your life, meditate with pink”

Purple/Violet: Holds meaning of nobility, sacred wisdom, spirituality and enlightenment. “To tap into sacred wisdom and a spiritual path, meditate with purple.”

White: Joy, light, humility, peace, pureness, the innocence of a soul receiving the grace of being baptized. Purification, telepathy, summoning blessings, angels and spirituality. Draws grace and brings forgiveness. Helps erase mistakes. “For cleansing of body, mind and spirit, meditate on white light.”


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