Devi Bhava FANCY Jewelry Set for Large Amma Doll

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Adorn your Amma doll as the divine Mother with a new FANCY Devi Bhava jewelry set. In this set the crown and belt are fully decorated with sparkly rhinestones.

Let your Amma doll radiate Devi's divine qualities and unfold her infinite magic for you! Devi is the mother of the universe and all beings are her children. She has endless patience to wait for us and will lead us to the goal.

"Bhava" is a manifestation of divine attributes that are within us. To help strengthen these attributes in your life you can invoke Devi Bhava, the divine mood of Devi, with your Amma doll.

This set is for a large Amma doll. It takes a bunch of concentrated, loving and careful hands to make the jewelry fit your doll.

Note: Designs of belts and earrings may vary slightly.

Size:  Fits your 13-inch tall Amma doll (with legs)

Includes:  Devi Bhava crown, earrings, waist belt


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