Embracing The World

An entertaining and inspiring introduction to Amma. Through newsclips, interviews, and live footage of Amma, get a first hand glimpse of Amma and her mission. The presentation of the Gandhi-King Award for Non-Violence with Dr. Jane Goodall 's powerful introduction to Amma as "love embodied in a human form," are some of the highlights of this DVD. Delightful clips with speeches, television clips and interviews, visits to many of Amma's charitable projects also included. "This world is like a flower. Each nation is a petal. If one petal is infested, does it not affect all the other petals? Does not the disease destroy the life and beauty of the flower? Is it not the duty of each one of us to protect and preserve the beauty and fragrance of this one world flower from being destroyed? This world of ours is a big, wonderful flower with many petals. Only when this is understood and becomes deeply ingrained within us will there be any real peace and unity." -- quote by Amma.

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