Finding God's Love

Finding God's Love is suitable for any pilgrim of any faith who wishes to experience a direct and personal communion with the Divine. God's lovers will find immediate access to the living room of God's heart where they will revel in the bliss and joy of the universe. Finding God's Love reveals how love works to release the human psyche from the fetters of its own self-imposed limitations. Love is the antidote to all negative emotions. Love heals the festering wounds that lay buried in our past. Love cleans the lens of the soul allowing the light of the Divine to percolate up from the center of our being illuminating our personal world. This book also presents the practical aspects of this path including meditations, visualizations and prayer.The last half of Finding God's Love is a collection of instructions by Amma regarding the practice of bhakti (devotion to God). The first half is a preface to Amma's teachings, providing an exploration of the theory and practice of love and devotion as a spiritual path - how and why it works.