Brass Camphor Spoon (Flat)

The flat camphor spoon is used to wave the burning camphor to the deity as an offering of the ego. The light itself in the spoon is said to represent the light and power of God, and the camphor is our ego which is burned away with our connection that light. This flat camphor spoon is elegantly fashioned in shining brass and is convenient for traveling. Approximately 5 inches long and lightweight. "May purity and peace spread all around me as this holy flame illumines all with clarity." --quote from the Deepam prayer in the Puja Book. Puja is a form of worship which is performed to purify the mind, to express devotion, and to connect with the sacred energies of the gods and goddesses themselves. For those who are interested in learning more about this ancient ritual, we offer the Puja Book and the Puja Tape which explain and illustrate how to perform this beautiful form of worship.