Gemstone Mala


Gemstone malas consist of 108 beads (8mm) and a tassel.


CARNELIAN - Manifests protective energy, especially from anger, jealousy and fear. Aids memory. Promotes blood circulation and bone and ligament healing. Sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy. Replaces emotional negativity with love for life.

LAPIS LAZULI - Immune booster. Lowers blood pressure and improves hearing. Alleviates pain, especially migraines. Increases intuition and expression. Stimulates personal and spiritual growth. Brings deep peace and harmony. Encourages self awareness.

SUNSTONE - Strengthens eyesight, bones, fingernails and thinning hair. Strengthens relationships. Improves clarity, insight and creativity. Uplifts moods.

TIGERS EYE - Alleviates depression and uplifts moods. Promotes clear-eyed vision. Helps one identify talents, strengths and shortcomings to be improved.

YELLOW AGATE - Detoxifies system and quickens sluggish metabolism. Strengthens heart and gives courage. Brings balance. Assists in developing friendships. Increases ability to ward off anger and bitterness.


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