Gemstone Bracelet (8mm)


Bracelets are gemstones(8 mm) on elastic with one five-face Rudraksha Guru bead. Convenient for japa practice on the go.

AMETHYST - Cleanses blood and reduces swelling. Encourages inner strength. Improves mental focus and enhances memory and assimilation of new ideas. Dispels anger, fear and anxiety. Promotes love of the Divine.

BLUE SUNSTONE - Helpful for migraines, depression and anxiety. Assists blood flow and detoxifying. Energises.

CARNELIAN - Manifests protective energy, especially from anger, jealousy and fear. Aids memory. Promotes blood circulation and bone and ligament healing. Sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy. Replaces emotional negativity with love for life.

HEMATITE - Grounds and balances energy. Gives pain relief. Stimulates the mind and enhances the memory.

JASPER - Sustains and supports during stress, promoting tranquility. Absorbs negative energy. Aligns and balances mind, body, emotions and chakras. Stimulates quick thinking and imagination. Re-energizes the body during prolonged illness.

LABRADORITE - Helpful for workaholics.Helps us regain our energy. Grounds and quiets us physically and emotionally. Stimulates intuition and introspection. Strengthens faith and creativity. Eliminates fears and insecurities.

LAPIS LAZULI - Immune booster. Lowers blood pressure and improves hearing. Alleviates pain, especially migrains. Increases intuition and expression. Stimulates personal and spiritual growth. Brings deep peace and harmony. Encourages self awareness. ($25)

MOSS AGATE - Stone of wealth, attracting abundance in all forms. Grounds excess spiritual energy. Encourages creativity. Lessens fear and stress bringing strength and courage.

PEARL - Extremely calming and centering. Decreases stress. Emotional balancer. Develops intuition and optimism.

RED AGATE (also called Ruby Jade) - Transforms negative energy. Strengthens blood vessels and helps to heal skin disorders. Creates feelings of safety and security and is beneficial for all emotional traumas.

RHODONITE - Aids central nervous system and strengthens immunity system. Heals self-destructive tendencies, emotional traumas and codependency. Helps maintain calm in upsetting situations. Encourages forgiveness.

ROSE QUARTZ - Emotional healer. Opens heart and increases receptivity to love. Encourages self-forgiveness, acceptance and trust. Strengthens empathy and sensitivity.

SUNSTONE - Strengthens eyesight, bones, fingernails and thinning hair. Strengthens relationships. Improves clarity, insight and creativity. Uplifts moods.

TIGERS EYE - Alleviates depression and uplifts moods. Promotes clear-eyed vision. Helps one identify talents, strengths and shortcomings to be improved.

TURQUOISE - Stone of good luck. Attracts health, beauty, money and love. Provides mental clarity and calmness. Dispels negative energy and protects against environmental pollutants.

WHITE ONYX - increases strength, endurance and perseverance. Helps alleviate fears and worries in difficult times. Increases concentration and devotion.

YELLOW AGATE - Detoxifies system and quickens sluggish metabolism. Strengthens heart and gives courage. Brings balance. Assists in developing friendships. Increases ability to ward off anger and bitterness.

Handcrafted in India

CARE:  When putting on a stretch bracelet, do NOT stretch and pull the bracelet to fit over your hand. Instead, slide your fingers into the bracelet, then gently roll it up over your hand to your wrist. To remove the bracelet, follow the above steps in reverse. 

Remove the bracelet before showering, or entering a pool or spa. Avoid putting perfume where your skin touches the bracelet, as this may discolor the beads.