Hanuman Doll Tiny

Hanuman, the Monkey God, is a perfect example for humility and complete will-power. He is the vehicle of Dharma (righteousness). As a great karma yogi he acts without expecting any fruits of his deeds.

For example, Hanuman helps us develop courage, strength and will-power. He symbolizes the human mind which is most easily tamed through complete devotion to God and the constant repeating of His names. Hanuman embodies bhakti – the love for God.

Depicting Hanuman as a monkey symbolizes that every creature is able to experience God. Lord Hanuman is also said to be the Wind’s son and therefore the Lord of pranayama, the yogic art of breath control.

His muscular body indicates that we should pursue God with great energy and enthusiasm. This will also help us make a difference in this world. Hanuman is therefore also worshipped as the patron of athletes.

All our dolls are handmade with love and prayers.

Since all our tiny dolls are handmade there will be some variation from what you see in the photos. 


Height:  4.5 inches (11.5 cm)

Origin:  Handcrafted in India


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