Light of Wisdom

A powerful compilation of footage from spontaneous question and answer sessions. Amma addresses issues that are pressing for us in this modern age as well as some of the timeless questions that all seekers face. Enjoy Amma's inspiring and humorous answers to questions such as: What can we do to bring about peace in the world? What is the best attitude to have when life brings us suffering? Are there any shortcuts to the goal of Self-realization? Is there a difference between love and compassion? How can we integrate different religious ideas of God? This is a highly entertaining and insightful video and a superb presentation of Amma and her teachings. "Religion is very important to us, but it should be understood as a pointer. What we really need is inner growth. Religion points at God the way that a finger points at fruit in a tree. If you only look at the finger, you will miss the fruit. You must go beyond the finger and see the fruit. And not only that, you must then climb the tree, pluck the fruit, and eat!"-- Amma, in the Light of Wisdom video.

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