My Mother, My Master

"Son, whatever you have been seeking in your wanderings, Amma will show it to you!" This was the promise Amma gave Venugopal, a young college student caught in a crossroads of life. In this book, Swami Pranavamritananda Puri reflects on the influences preceding his providential meeting with Amma more than 32 years ago, and the impact She had on his life. Swami Pranavamritananda, who joined the ashram in 1980, is one of the senior-most monks of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math. He has scored and written many bhajans and kirtanas. A reputed singer and percussionist, Swamiji has accompanied Amma to various programs in India and abroad. He is a featured speaker on Amrita TV, through which his erudite spiritual discourses have reached audiences all over the world. Holding a B.Sc. degree in Zoology and an M.A. degree in Sanskrit Literature, Swamiji has been teaching Sanskrit to the ashram residents, in accordance with Amma's instructions.

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