North India Tour, 1988-89

Accompany Amma on her tour to Northern India and visit its most holy places, including Mathura, the birthplace of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, Rishikesh, the city of saints and sages, and Haridwar, the city of a 1000 ashrams where the holy Ganges River leaves the Himalayas and enters the plains. Along with gorgeous scenes of sacred India, you'll see parades with music and masked dancers, spirited bhajans, traditional pujas and chanting, and of course, Amma giving her famous hugs. Also includes clips of Devi Bhava and impromptu roadside stops. This vintage film has a charming, rough-cut quality that captures the spirit of the early days with Amma. "It may be easy for you to love Mother, but that is not enough. Try to see Mother in everyone. Oh my children, don't think that Mother is confined to this body alone. Mother is the Self of all." -- Amma

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